CGI Animated Short Film – Buttons Extinct – By Viral Chaudhari

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CGI Animated Short Film – Buttons Extinct – By Viral Chaudhari


Buttons Extinct is an Animated Short Film or say Movie made by Viral Chaudhari at home as a Personal Project. LINKS email: website: YouTube:… Facebook:… CREDITS Written and Directed by: Viral Chaudhari Music: Audiomachine, Audiojungle, Mattia Cupelli Sound: YouTube Audio Library Modeling, Rigging, Animation, Lighting, Rendering, Compositing, Editing,
Sound Edit/Mixing: Viral Chaudhari PLOT SUMMERY This animated short flows with the Mobile Phone Buttons who try to take the rebel against the Smart Phones. Because of the arrival of the Touch Screens these Buttons would have no future it seems. But the Buttons
have their plans to square this out. They intend to take revenge on the Smart Phone. On their way they have the add ons. The Computer Keyboard Keys. The Buttons approach them also, for they too are of the same functionalities. But the whole thing turns out
to different game. PROCESS It all started with the conceptual glimpses on one Saturday morning of August 2014. And I started to develop with whatever at the first hand in my mind by the after noon the same day. There was no studio, no team, just me and my
PC on the desk in my room. I was about to make a film(actually a movie-coz there is no camera to shot but to work on the 3D platform), though it is short. But I did not care how it was going to happen. I just started. VIDEO The whole project has been developed
in Autodesk Maya. From modelling to animation, all work has been done by me, including textures using Adobe Photoshop, compositing in Nuke(Non-Commercial) and additional compositing and editing in Adobe Premiere Pro CC. The original footages were rendered
with Mentalray at the frame size of 1280×532. SOUND All the sounds are from Youtube Audio Library. The Editing and Mixing have been done on Adobe Auditon CC. I have reached whatever level I could manage to. I am not a Sound Expert. MUSIC Total five compositions
are there on the background music track. 1. Judge and Jury from Audiomachine Composer: Paul Dinletir 2. Diminishing Time from Audiojungle Composer: rkmusic 3. Abandoned from Audiojungle Composer: _Blacksmith_
4. Action Cartoon Music – Royalty FREE Composer: Mattia Cupelli 5. Background Cartoon Music Loop – Royalty FREE Composer: Mattia Cupelli Track No. 1, 2 and 3 are Licenced. Track
No. 4 and 5 are Royalty Free. I edited and mixed them on Adobe Audition CC. © 2017 Viral Chaudhari.

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