Alien Grenadier_3d zbrush art by BEN ERDT(one of the best 3d sculpt of Zbrush by many artist around the world)

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Alien Grenadier_3d zbrush art by BEN ERDT

In this post Ben is showing which brush he used to sculpt the part of model.

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Alien Grenadier_art by BEN ERDT saying

Hey all!

Been following ZBC for ages and I’m amazed by all the inspiring work here.
Pretty excited to join this community! My first post *nervous*.
Got introduced into ZBrush by a friend of mine back in the day right before version 2.0 came out.
So yeah, it’s been quite a journey already.

I thought to introduce myself I just post a few images of one of my latest projects. So lets go, hope you like it
This creature buddy could be some kind of special trained grenadier using jump stilts and auxiliary thrusters to reach the top of enemy battle mechs to place his sticky bombs.
The model is actually not textured yet. I’m only using displacement maps for the skin parts and simple normal maps for the fabrics.
It was a collaborative project with my friends Perry Leijten and Karim Baz. Perry did an amazing job rigging him and Karim created a cool idle animation (end of this post).
Software used were ZBrush, Modo and Photoshop.


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