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Thank you for visiting us and we look forward to featuring your Short Film on CG3DANKFUN!

To have your short film considered for CG3DANKFUN, simply send us a viewable link to a high quality version of your video.

We don’t want to miss any of your detail which ,you want to put in the describtion of video.

So,please fill the details and follow the steps.It will help us for our documentation to contact you in future for any collaboration or any work we want to give you .You will get a copy in your email ID for proof also.You should send us video not less than 720p and youtube supportive any format.


1.) Please fill video detail here for publication and submit — click here to fill details (Please fill your email id only)

2.) After fill the detail ,You will get a copy of it in your email id.Please forward that to .

If have any issue and want to ask anything please mail us back.If we can do anything for you let us know.

Looking forward to work with you in future too.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please don’t send us more than one email submission for a video. Multiple submissions or follow-up emails may automatically disqualify your video for consideration.

If you don’t hear back from us within 20 days unfortunately, your short film was not qualified – but please know that your work will have been carefully considered . so please do not be discouraged in any way.

Good luck and be sure to share CG3DANKFUN with a friend!