Project Talis Concept _ Breakdown _ By Thuan Nguyen Minh Duong

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Project Talis Concept _ Breakdown _ By Thuan Nguyen Minh Duong

Project Talis is – until now – the longest project I’ve ever done. Over 2 month of designing and making final product. I lot of thought have gone into this project and I would like to explain everything I know, my thinking process, designing ideas, philosophy for every one. If I manage to help you, please let me know If I should make more of these in the future, where would you like me to explain more detailed and tell me where can I improve for my future projects and tutorials. Thanks in advance !

P/s : very large images (7500*4500) , visit the link for the original size images ( Artstation rescale all images to 1920 in width ) Or click on the link below the image.

Edited by my GF :

Visit my portfolio for original renders in the breakdown

Breakdown by Thuan Nguyen Minh Duong

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