Photogrammetry Rock Pack TOOLKIT _ DOWNLOADS

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Photogrammetry Rock Pack TOOLKIT_ DOWNLOADS


Photogrammetry Rock Pack TOOLKIT


This elaborate toolkit contains a bunch of high-quality rocks – based off real-world rocks which have been photoscanned. Photogrammetry provides you with an incredible level of detail which is mimicking nature as closely as possible. If you’re working with any sort of environment, this toolkit is a must-have!

Pack Contains

– 9 photogrammetry scanned rocks

– 7 custom rocks

– 9 rock alphas

– 1 IMM high-quality rock brush

– Two tutorials covering how to push the pack to a new level

Get the Most out of the Toolkit

The tutorial provided will show you how to quickly and efficiently unwrap the rocks and how to texture them using Substance Painter. You’ll learn how to really get the most out of the toolkit

The custom rocks are perfect for all kinds of shots, from closeups to long shots. The standard photogrammetry rock texture are recommended for medium to long shot.

Any future rocks I make will be added to this pack for free. Stay Tuned!

Recommended Software

– ZBrush 4R8 (or more recent)

– Substance Painter

I really hope you enjoy the Photogrammetry Rock Pack Toolkit!



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