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Startup Blackstar Software has released Model3D, a new professional modelling app for iPad users.

According to Blackstar, the app, which is targeted at creating models for both real-time and offine work, is intended to “appeal to experienced users while also being easy enough [for beginners] to learn”.

It is Online and off line modelling app designed for tablet users

Model3D was designed from first principles to be easy to learn and use. Simple functions give the user the power to create nearly anything without a steep learning curve.It is focused around “simple low-level functions” like extrusion, subdivision and direct manipulation of faces and vertices, implemented in a way that is easy to control on a tablet.

Camera areas near the edges of the screen make moving around intuitive, “ghost” controls and camera focus allows you to concentrate on a single element in a complex scene.

Functionality allows you to easily create new faces and align vertices in order to create complex shapes. Simple, low-level functions combined give lots of creative power while still being easy to learn.

Models can be exported in OBJ format, and the workspace exported as a PNG or JPEG image.

At the minute, there is only support for “basic colour materials”, but Blackstar says that it also plans to implement 3D painting tools and PBR rendering in the app in the “near future”.

Pricing and availability
Model3D is available for iOS 10.0 and above. It costs $14.99, although you can download a save-disabled evaluation version for free. You’ll need a Dropbox account or iCloud Drive to export files.

The app is designed specifically for the iPad Pro and its Apple Pencil stylus, but it will work on any iPad that supports Apple’s Metal graphics API, including iPad minis and iPad Airs, and with any third-party stylus.

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