Hyper Strike Mekanizer Art and tutorial _ By Jonfer Maia

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Hyper Strike _ Mekanizer _ By Jonfer Maia

Article by Jonfer Maia

Email id — Jonferwhatup@gmail.com

Hey guys, this is my latest PBR character based on Paul Kwon concept. The main go of this project was to mostly learn the PBR workflow and I also tried to fit this character to something a little bit closer to a Fortinite/Overwatch/Shardbound and some other current gen games style. I wanna thank my friend Hugo Buarque Vasconcelos for the great suggestions while I was redesigning her face and also my friend Rodrigo Gonçalves for the awesome tips. A epecial thanks to my girlfriend Jhenifer who helped me a lot and taught me how to be more organized with my work presentation haha. Thanks!

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