Environment Texture Creation Using Photogrammetry – Video Tutorial (Muddy Grass)

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Environment Texture Creation Using Photogrammetry – Video Tutorial (Muddy Grass)

I published 1:20h long video tutorial (https://gum.co/JyKpR) where I covered my entire photogrammetry process:
– surface capture (tripod, monopod, hand)
– image preproduction (Lightroom vs PhotoLab)
– photogrammetry based surface reconstruct
– building lowpoly model on flat and complex surfaces (ZBrush)
– baking (Substance Designer)
– manual seam removal (Substance Painter)
– material tweaking (Substance Designer, Photoshop)
At the end of the process material was tested in Marmoset Toolbag3 and loaded into Unity engine into my material gym.

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