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e-on software has released PlantFactory 2016 R2, the latest update to its line of software for creating animatable 3D plants, adding new features for generating low-poly vegetation for real-time work.

The update builds on the original PlantFactory 2016, released late last year.

New meshing and billboard options for generating low-poly plants for real-time work
One key change in PlantFactory is the new Stylized Meshing mode (shown above), which converts the bounding envelope of a plant model to low-poly geometry of the type you might see in a more stylised game.

Users can configure envelope resolution, smoothing and convexity quality to achieve a range of effects.

The update also introduces 3-Axis Billboard Leaves Rotation: a new features for randomising the orientation of leaves when generating them as 2D billboards rather than actual 3D geometry.

The feature reduces obvious visual repetitions when creating assets for real-time work.

Pricing and availability
PlantFactory 2016 R2 is available for 64-bit Windows XP+ and Mac OS X 10.6+. The base Artist edition costs $199, Designer costs $495, Studio costs $995, and Producer costs $1,995. See a feature comparion table.

Stylized Meshing is included in the Producer, Studio and Designer editions of the software, while billboard rotation is included in every version.

e-on software has also released Plant Factory 2016 R2 PLE, a free learning edition based on the Producer edition of the software. It comes with a number of export and rendering restrictions you can find listed here.

Read more about the new features in PlantFactory 2016 R2 on e-on software’s website


The 2016 PLEs and Trials are now available!

The 2016 R2 PLEs are fully functional version of VUE xStream/Infinite 2016 and PlantFactory Producer 2016. With the PLE, you can create complete projects, render in FullHD and save your work (see website for other limitations).

The Personal Learning Editions perform under all versions of Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 (64 bit only), and are Mac Intel (64 bit) for MacOSX 10.6+.

Click here to download — Download

30 Day Trial Versions

Trial Versions are designed to offer you a way to evaluate each specific version before making any purchasing decisions.

The trial versions will work for 30 days and saving is disabled. Check website for other limitations.

Download the 2016 R2 Trial Versions from:


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