Durotan 1:10 Scale Collectible – Weta Workshop

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Durotan 1:10 Scale Collectible – Weta Workshop

ART—Jon Troy Nickel

Hey everyone, Here is my sculpture of Durotan from the Warcraft Movie!

I had a tonne of fun sculpting this guy along side the production of the 1:1 scale version for Madame Tussauds in London! It was a very unique experience being able to riff off of each other for various elements and so forth. Very interesting experience working on 1:10th scale and 1:1 scale versions simultaneously.

Like the Orgrim sculpture, I was supplied with a low poly base model from Legendary, and worked in all the details from there. The fur and hair is all sculpted from scratch, along with many of the smaller pieces of leather work and so on. I also made up this quick rocky surface base, but it was not used in the final collectible as we went for a rocky Plinth instead that more closely resembled Orgrims plinth!

Shoutout to Gary Hunt who sculpted Durotans Axe !


TO KNOW MORE CHECKOUT THIS LINK–https://www.artstation.com/artwork/16Jw3


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