Deadpool Rig for Free_by Animator Kiel Figgins

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Deadpool Rig for Free_by Animator Kiel Figgins

A free full-body and facial rig capable of realistic and cartoon-style animation.The rig, which is based on an OBJ character mode, is capable of both realistic motion and some extreme cartoon-style deformations, which you can see around 00:25 in the video above.

Deadpool’s gear can be manipulated separately from his body, and the rig includes facial animation controls – or brow animation controls at any rate, that being all of Deadpool’s face that can be seen behind his mask.

Veteran animator Kiel Figgins, whose movie credits include Avengers: Age of Ultron, Terminator: Genisys and X-Men: First Class, has released a free Deadpool IK/FK character rig for Maya.

Figgins also has a range of commercial character rigs, including realistic and cartoon characters, creatures and vehicles, available on his site, along with a few environment assets and props.

The download includes both a full rig for final renders and a proxy rig for real-time playback and blocking work, with instructions for toggling between the two, plus a helper script for setting up FK and IK.

Kiel Figgins’ Deadpool character rig was created for Maya 2014, and should also be compatible with more recent versions of the software. You can download it free via the link below.

Click here to download


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