CG 3D ANIMATED SHORT FILM _ Hors Champ _ By ESMI Bordeaux (France)

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CG 3D ANIMATED SHORT FILM _ Hors Champ _ By ESMI Bordeaux (France)

Synopsis : In an idyllic farm, standards and differences drive three corn to save their grain.

Hors-champ was made in 8 months by six students of the school ESMI Bordeaux (France) :
Noémie Blanc : Concept, Modeling, Shader/Texturing, Animation, Rendering
Simon Diaz : Modeling, Shader/Texturing, Rigging/Skinning, Animation, Rendering, Compositing
Armelle Lamaud : Concept, Animation, FX 2D
Etienne Massot : Concept, Story-board, Animatic/Layout, Animation, Environmental Artist, Project Leader
Tom Piguet : Modeling, Shader/Texturing, Compositing, Lighting, Rendering
Victoria Tholozan : Concept, Story-board, Modeling, Rigging/Skinning, Animation, FX 2D

Original soundtrack, sound design and audio mixing : Simon-Pierre Mageau

Software used : 3ds Max, Zbrush, Nuke, After Effects, Photoshop, Premiere.

The students were supervised by :
Jean-François Hugon : technical director
Dominique Rodriguez : artistic director
Lucas Ramanakasina : animation supervision
Jean-Louis Marco : script doctor, character design, story board supervision
Aurélien Rodriguez : script doctor, animatic, editing supervision
Chong Yong : environmental design supervision
Mary Viaud : layout supervision
Christophe Bastin : graphic bible

Students links :
Noémie Blanc :
Etienne Massot :
Armelle Lamaud :
Tom Piguet :
Victoria Tholozan :
Simon Diaz :

CG 3D ANIMATED SHORT FILM _ Hors Champ _ By ESMI Bordeaux (France)

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