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3DtoAll Export MaxToBlender :-

Developers  of 3DtoAll has released the MaxToBlender, new exporting plugin which can transfer scene  from 3ds Max to Blender for rendering “in two clicks”.

The process avoids having to save out data in an intermediate exchange format, like FBX or Alembic, and automatically optimises materials and rendering settings within Blender’s Cycles renderer.

The plugin can also convert V-Ray lights and materials to their nearest Cycles equivalents – assuming you don’t just use V-Ray for Blender – although you will need V-Ray for 3ds Max installed to perform the export.

The plugin is the latest in 3DToAll’s series of exporters, joining similar plugins for transferring scenes from 3ds Max to Cinema 4D, Maya and Modo, and from Cinema 4D to 3ds Max.

For all 3D artists using 3DsMax and/or Blender. You will get instant benefits.

  • If you are a 3DsMax user you can add a new dimension to your workflow sending your scenes to Blender and use the advanced features of this software.
  • If you are a Blender user you can sometimes prefer to model inside 3DsMax for specific tools, or because you have models already done there, or because you have purchased some models in the past in .max format (arch models etc) and you want them inside a current Blender project in a fast way.

Pricing and availability
MaxToBlender is available for 3ds Max 2014 and above and Blender 2.77 and above. The MSRP is $49, although the software is currently available at a launch discount.

Read more about MaxToBlender on the product website


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