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The video game industry (sometimes referred to as the interactive entertainment industry) is the economic sector involved in the development, marketing and monetizing of video games. It encompasses dozens of job disciplines and employs thousands of people worldwide.

The computer and video game industry has grown from focused markets to mainstream. They took in about US$9.5 billion in the US in 2007, 11.7 billion in 2008, and 25.1 billion in 2010 (ESA annual report).

The video game industry that was not expected to become a well-paid career option when it was started many years band and the business finding its roots in the commercial world. In past the video games are not considered as a sport because it is not involved any kind of physically activity. But know the scenario is change and the video games are considered as the part of teenager life and create some greatest video games sports stars in all over the world. The scenario of the gaming is not just changed in the terms of profit making but also the gaming companies earning from the image of their players.

Now the women are taking the gaming as a profession and become the highest earning professional gamers in the industry.

1.Katherine Gunn

Katherine “Kat” Gunn (born April 20, 1988), also known by her tag “Mystik”, is an American professional gamer and cosplayer. She won the second season of WCG Ultimate Gamer on the Syfy Channel and also competed in the Championship Gaming Series, which aired on DirecTV. She currently streams on Twitch.tv as a member of the professional gaming team Team EnVyUs.

A popular gamed Dead & Alive 4 is a big money tournament and includes one of her favorite game. She defeated all the top contester in both games Halo as Reach and Dead & Alive 4 in just 3 years. She was placed third in 2007 and 2008 and earned $22,000 in both years. In 2010 she becomes the champion in Halo: Reach and become famous with the earnings of $100,000. In just few years of his gaming career she earns a worth of $120,000.

2. Sasha Hostyn

Sasha Hostyn (born December 1993), also known by her username Scarlett, is a Canadian professional video game player. She is most known for her performance in StarCraft II, but in 2015, she began making the switch to playing Dota 2 instead. After not meeting any success in Dota 2 she has since returned to playing Starcraft II for Team Expert as of August 17, 2016.

The Sasha is very skilled especially in the Star Craft II which is very diligence gamer. She is participating in almost 30 tournaments since 2011 and the most well-known female in the gaming history. She is been recognized as one of the best star craft II player in the world and receiving the big cash prize that worth is up to $100,000.

3. Marjorie Bartell

Marjorie Bartell majorly software engineer and knowing with the name of “Kasumi Chan” and inspired by the Dead & Alive Kasumi. She is a Dead & Alive 4 player and her team won in 2007 and become the Dead & Alive champion. In that championship she earned $50,000 by winning the championship. Just one year before she appears in the same game and become runner-up in 2006 and receives $5,000. She is working with many companies and total earning from the gaming that worth’s $55,000.

4. Sarah Harrison

Sarah Harrison is the famous gaming player and known with the name of Sarah Lou in the gaming community. Sarah Harrison is the only single women from the UK who is in the list of top female earning professional player in the in the gaming industry.

She is also a Dead & Alive 4 participant and because of its freshness and hard work she becomes a champion in the tournament. She thanks all the participants of her team because of perfect collaboration with her skills and the team efforts. Sarah Harrison earning a prize which is net worth of $50,000.

5. Vanessa Arteaga

Vanessa Arteaga, also known as just Vanessa, is a former professional video game player who plays fighting games. She is from Modesto, California. Arteaga was the first pick in the draft of the Championship Gaming Series video game league list of players,excelling in the area of fighting games such as Dead or Alive 4. In the 2007 Championship Gaming Series Season, Vanessa went undefeated leading San Francisco to win first place in the DoA4 Female Individual season. In the 2008 Championship Gaming Series Season, San Francisco Optx with a team of NinjaCW and Vanessa Arteaga finished 2nd to the Birmingham Salvo.

After her time in the Championship Gaming Series, Vanessa became a member of Kat Gunn’s professional gaming and cosplay team, Less Than 3 (LT3). The team was sponsored by Mad Catz.

Vanessa also appeared on the reality television gaming competition WCG Ultimate Gamer. She also won a tournament where she gets rewarded by worth of $5,000 as a winning bonus. Her total earning worth form gaming is $20,000.

6. Rumay Wang


Rumay Wang knows by the name of “Hafu” in the world of gaming and she is also a world champion of world of War craft. She performed a most reputed role in the gaming history and in just participating 4 tournaments where she earn a worth of $14,000. She also explores the other areas of gaming and become a Bloodline Champion where she receives the winning prize money of $2,000. Rumay Wand total earning form the gaming is $16,000.

7. Jamie Pereyda

Jamie Pereyda, a simple-looking girl from the United States, is not so simple once she has a hands and mind in the game of QuakeCon III. Pereyda is known in the world of video games by the name Missy, a strong contender in the game of her choice. Back in the year 2005, she played in one tournament of the game, and successfully destroyed the fellow competitors in the Ms. QuakeCon II competition. In just one tournament, she won a whopping sum of $15,000, her total prize money.

8. Livia Teernstra

Livia Teernstra assumes the name Liefje when she enters the virtual world of the games. She left her fellow gamers with surprise with her stunning performance in a competition held in New Zealand where she played Quake and Unreal Tournament. She then dominated a tournament which was held in Europe. She played Dead or Alive 4 in the competition, and gave a tough time to her competitors. She played two tournaments and placed 3rd in both, and bagging her career earning of $14,000.

9. Alana Reid

Alana Reid is recognized by the name Ms. X in the gaming community, and is considered one of the fiercest women to watch out for in the gaming arena. This Canadian woman, who is just one tournament old, is still a potential force to reckon with. She participated in the game Quake III Arena in 2005, and successfully secured the position of a runner-up, facing tough competition. Her total earning from gaming worth $10,000 was won by her in this single tournament, showing great skill.

10. Alice Lew

Alice Lew goes by the name Ali in the community, and is a strong contributor to the SK-Ladies Counter Strike Team, which is one of the most well-known names in the game. Lew has helped her team in beating every big contender in Counter Strike. Her first tournament was in 2006, in which she won $800. Two years from then, she partook in the competition again, this time to earn $4,000. She has played in five tournaments, and has shown great potential. Her current worth is $8,000.

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